About Us

T O T E M ( toh - tuh m)

An animal, plant or natural object that holds a sacred relationship to a family or community serving as a spiritual symbol of their core beliefs. 
Origin: 1760 circa the Algonquin family of Muskoka's first Ojibwe tribe.

TOTEM JUICE CO. is proud to be the original, organic, cold-pressed juice bar and café serving Huntsville and the Muskoka area.

We are a family operated company providing raw fruit and vegetable juices, smoothies and other healthy foods to suit your busy lifestyle.  When our first child was born in 2011, we started looking for healthy,  nutritious, and convenient options for our  family while on the go and found limited options.  After some research, we thought a good place to start was with juicing and blending.  We started using juicing and smoothies to supplement our diet at home and felt that if we were benefitting from incorporating fruit and vegetables in this way, than likely others in our community would too.  In 2015 we opened the doors to our juice pub and have so enjoyed sharing our passion for juicing with our community.

This year, we have partnered with Greenhouse Juice Co. - our inspiration to launch two years ago - to provide our community with their incredible cold-pressed juices and milks.  Additionally, we have added smoothies, coffee and take-away breakfast and lunch options to our plant based, organic, gluten free and vegan offerings. 
As always, we have wheatgrass shots and other boosters to add to our 'Juice Pub' atmosphere.

Want to get in touch?  We would love to hear from you!  Drop in the store or you can reach us via email at hello@totemjuice.com

Cheers to convenient health in Muskoka!

Brent + Rebecca Ellerson