It is with great excitement that we reveal our new partnership with Greenhouse Juice Co. - a Toronto-based raw, organic, cold-pressed juice company.  You can read all about the brand, the operation and the background here.

At Totem, our mission has always been to help you get easy access to nutritious options on the go sourced as locally as possible.  We have loved making you beautiful cold-pressed juice with produce grown by our local friends The Spring Farm.  Financial and workload concerns were impacting our ability to create the juice we wanted to make in a sustainable way--> to evolve our business and meet our health + environmental goals we found that partnering with a leader in the industry would be a HUGE win for everyone. 

Through this partnership with Greenhouse, you- our lovely community- will enjoy these benefits:

  • All of our Greenhouse products are made with certified organic ingredients
  • They are packaged in high quality glass bottles with two size options
  • Because they are a larger-scale operation than we were able to be, they have a greater impact on Ontario farmers through greater produce volumes utilized; they also return pulp to the farm for composting- the juice farm model continues!
  • The larger volume buying helps brings costs down- bringing juice to you at a better price point!

Come in and check out what's in store!  For more info about our new offerings, please visit our News + Info page here.  See you soon!

xoxo Totem Team